Powered Heated Thermal Socks

Are you looking for Electric Battery Operated Powered Socks to stay warm this winter?

Then this is the one for you, for any battery-operated product, it can be such a hassle to buy and change batteries all the time, especially if you are out and about. Plus, they die at the worst times! Our long, heated socks use eco-friendly lithium-polymer batteries that charge quickly and provide regulated heat for hours, even in ridiculously cold weather. Great for men, ladies, youth, and older boys and girls.


High-quality Material - This heating stocking is made of 80% cotton, 12% polyester, and 8% elastic fiber material, so it is absorbent, breathable, quick-drying, and elastic.

Suitable Occasions - Focusing on the toes to prevent the feet from getting cold, which can promote blood circulation. Apply to arthritic feet and long-term cold feet and stiff joints, giving you a warm winter.

Heating Piece - The heating piece is inside the sock. The specially designed battery pocket is safe and easy to carry.

Electric Heating SocksUsing power bank to heat socks for cold weather projects or winter outdoor sports, winter ski hunting, camping cycling, and motorcycles to keep warm. 

Each sock needs a 3.7V electric power bank.

Three-speed thermostat Automatic Level Adjustment(preheating function)

1. After the thermostat is connected to the power supply (battery), the red, green and blue lights flash once. Long press the button for 2 seconds to start and enter the preheat mode, the LED shows red with breath flash. High output with output power of 100%, heating automatically changes to mid-level after 5 minutes.

2. Mid-level, LED light displays green, output power is 70%.

3. Low-level, LED light displays blue, output power is 40%.

4. Click to switch level button with three levels cycle, long press 2 seconds to shut down.

Heating time: 

High-level red light heating around 5 hours

Mid-level orange light heating for about 7 hours

Low-level green light heating for about 9 hours

Material: Cotton

Size: uniform code

Power supply: one 3.7V power bank per sock

Temperature: 50 degrees under normal temperature.

Fever: sole of the foot

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