Practical Pet Carrier Backpack

The Double Shoulder Pet Carrier Backpack is going to help you on those longer journeys on foot! Great for both Cats and Dogs making it a great dog carrier backpack and cat carrier backpack. Our pups can get tired after a period of time, so we have designed the Double Shoulder Pet Carrier Backpack to give them a helping hand! These are fully breathable and can be adjusted to give your pup as much room as they need! 

1. Convenient for taking your pets outdoor or traveling. This fantastic backpack bag keeps the lovely pet being safe & secure inside, while also being comfortable.

2. Waterproof, and bowl window in front of the bag. Lots of pockets designed on the bag which can carry food and water for pets.

3. Three Mesh air holes improve airflow fresh air for good ventilation. Suitable for all seasons use.


Type: Pet Carrier Backpack

Color: Yellow, Rose Gold, Silver Grey

Material: PC (Poly carbonate) + fabric

Size: 43*30*18cm approx.

Suit for Small Dog or Cat.(Dog < 6 KG,cat < 6 KG)


1x Pet Carrier Backpack

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