Premium Glass Teapot with Infuser

Bring a taste of striking, contemporary style to the traditional afternoon tea party with the Glass Infuser Teapots.

Just as with home brew coffee, the art of infusing one’s own loose leaf tea is a trend that continues to gather steam - these pots have been designed specifically with this purpose in mind, coming equipped with an in-built infusion chamber that allows you to perfectly brew your favorite Oolong, Rooibos or Chai Tea in the comfort of your own home.

Made from Borosilicate Glass

The glass teapot is offering far higher heat and thermal shock resistance than regular glass, these teapots allow you to fill with boiling water fresh from the kettle, for a quicker, more efficient steeping process.

In-Built Infuser

Made from Stainless Steel, these fine mesh infusion chambers let you brew even finer loose leaf teas without contaminating your water, and are removable for easy cleaning.

Low-Rise Spout

The spout on these pots extends from near the base, meaning the strongest and warmest tea gets poured out first. This also forces that same heat through the upper layers of liquid, creating a perfectly even flavour.

  • No Strainer for teabags, Glass Strainer for loose tea & metal mesh for fine leaf tea
  • Capacity: 1000ml Overall Height 145mm
  • Made from heat resistant Borosilicate Glass
  • A perfect companion for any tea lover to watch their tea infuse and then enjoy!
  • A real show off piece that looks brilliant in the kitchen or lounge

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