Premium Kids Fishing Rod

The kids Fishing Rod and Line Set is perfect for young anglers and a great kit to take with you on trips to the beach for catching crabs.

This fishing rod and line set is made from strong durable plastic and includes a small foam handle with a plastic, matching the reel. The reel is pre-spooled with 5m of line and has a switch that when pushed allows you to wind your line in or out.

The end of the line includes a bait peg that you can attach a boiled shrimp, mussel or a little fish guts to. Having the peg as opposed to a hook makes this little kit much safer for young children to use.

The  Fishing Crab Rod and Line Set is available in either a green or pink color and is the perfect kit for children to take to the beach or on holiday.


Superb Fun Crab Rod. Great for Children

No Sharp Hooks As The Bait Is Held With A Peg

Only 40cm Long, Ideal For Fishing From Quays and Harbour Walls and Piers

Not Suitable For Casting Distances

Available in Pink or Green

( Also great for Mams and Dads when no one is looking )

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