Professional 3.6L Rice Cooker Steamer

Create commercial quantities of perfectly cooked, deliciously fluffy rice every time with a reliable professional 3.6Ltr rice cooker. Ideal for outlets that specialize in Chinese, Thai, or Indian food, the rice cooker gently steams rice and then automatically keeps it at the perfect serving temperature using the keep-warm function. Perfect for busy commercial use, the Buffalo rice steamer is robust, sturdy, and incredibly simple to use. 


★ The rice cooker features a vented glass lid crafted from heat resistant tempered

glass to ensure a durable and long-lasting product.

★ The rice cooker features a handy keep-warm function which will keep your rice

perfectly warm until food is served.

★ The removable inner bowl is non-stick, saving you time and hassle whilst ensuring

a healthier cooking experience.

★ The rice cooker comes with a measuring bowl and a FREE Rice Scoop meaning

your ready to cook straight away.

★ LED indicator lights keep you updated on how your cooking is going by showing

the mode your rice cooker is in.

★ Manufactured from premium 18/10 grade stainless steel for a sleek finish.

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