Quartz Patio Heater 2000W

This electric patio heater is what every garden needs to add some warmth and a great look. This infrared radiator provides enough heat without drying out the air. Unlike gas or oil heating systems, infrared heating does not heat up the air of the room but heats surrounding objects such as walls and furniture. With this method, the heat is distributed more evenly, resulting in less air turbulence, which prevents dust from flying around. As a result, infrared heating provides "healthier heat" and a more pleasant atmosphere.

The heater combines a robust structure with excellent design, making the product ideal for both commercial and domestic use. There is a choice of 3 heat settings, 650W, 1350W, and 2000W and the stand can be adjusted in height to suit all spaces. This free-standing heater lamp will not only keep you warm on chilly summer nights but also provide a glowing light.
The heater works by using heat resistant quartz tubes, which absorb and keep the heating element and stop convection heat from escaping.
After becoming hot, the quartz tubes emit safe infra-red rays which heat objects around. The heater is wall mountable or can be used as a free-standing version.


  • Broad Range of 3 power settings - 650W, 1350W & 2000W
  • Quartz tubes provide silent and safe heating with infra-red rays
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use - IPX4
  • Will sit well under an awning or similar as this heater is not waterproof
  • Wall mountable back plate for easy installation
  • Pull cord for ease of use
  • Heated area up to 15M square
  • 45-degree up-down adjustable heating element


Voltage: 230V /50Hz
Power: 650W, 1350W, 2000W - three settings.
Cables aprrox.: 4 metres power cord 
heater approx. dimensions: hight 26cm, width 50cm
Housing material: Steel, with IPX4 approval
Height: 120 - 210cm (Adjustable height)
foot-diameter: Ø47cm
G.W.: 9 KGS

Package Included: 
1pcs , Infrared electric heater 2000W
1pcs, adjustable foot

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