Quick Defrosting Tray

Everyone has, on occasion, forgotten to take the frozen meat from the freezer in preparation for the evening meal, then either hurriedly defrosted it in the microwave (partially cooking the edges) or bought a last-minute takeaway.

Whether you've completely forgotten to take frozen meat out of the freezer or set your heart on a meal at the last minute, this handy tray defrosts food 10 times faster than at room temperature. No electricity, no chemicals, no microwave, no heating!

Simply place the Defrost Tray on your kitchen counter, place food on top then wait for the tray to work its magic.

Its high heat conductivity reduces the defrosting time of the food without using electricity. Thus, it is very useful to quickly defrost meat, fish, or any other ingredient. This thawing method is based on the principle of heat transfer and is much more natural and affordable than using the oven or microwave. Simply place the frozen food on this non-stick metallic tray and it will thaw out up to four times faster without losing its properties and nutrients.

• The Quick Defrosting Tray lets you thaw your frozen meat, or food quickly and naturally.
• No need to wonder how to defrost your food in minutes any longer
• Made out of high quality thermal conductive material to speed up the thawing process dramatically
• Tray does not need either electricity or batteries. It defrosts frozen goods naturally
• Size : 29.5x20.3x0.2 cm
• Defrost in half the time
• Defrost in the safest & quickest
• way of frozen food.
• No preheating&hot water required
• Material: Aluminium

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