Rechargeable Mini Digital Hearing Aids

-Do you have the struggle to hear your friends and family?

-Feel frustrated and embarrassed when socializing with strangers?

-Worry you cannot hear the smoke, fire alarm? 

-Wish you could hear your programs better?

Everything changes with the Invisible Mini Digital Hearing Aids


- It looks like a Bluetooth headset, which makes you feel more confident, you don’t have to worry about discrimination anymore.

- A Mini design Hearing aid for portability, invisible, and convenient to carry. - It makes you feel more comfortable.

- It can greatly reduce noise, provide good sound quality. And help you hear the sound clearly and loudly, whether you are indoors or outdoors

- The weight is less than 10 grams, SUPER lightweight.

- It just needs 1.5-2 hours to be fully charged, but it can be used for 10-16 hours in a quiet environment. Only 10 minutes of charging will have a 1.5 hours standby time.

- Shockproof/Dropproof/user-friendly design, making it for a long time  use

- We have three different sizes of hearing aid earplug to choose from, It will better fit your earhole and won’t feel bloated and painful after you have worn it for a long time.

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