Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse

The LED Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse is made for long gaming sessions making it the best gaming mouse. Accurate aiming in shooters or fast command of the troops in a strategy game, the Wireless Gaming Mouse is suitable for any situation. The Gaming Mouse has an ergonomic shape which makes it ideal and comfortable for long gaming sessions. Thanks to the double fire button on the gaming, no enemy is faster than you. Use this button when playing to shoot not just once but twice with one click of a button. This enables you to take on all opponents and double your chance to win which is why this is the best wireless gaming mouse.  The LED Gaming Mouse is equipped with a precise optical gaming sensor with an adjustable speed of 800 dpi to 1800 dpi. Switch DPI quickly with the increase/decrease buttons while playing to adjust the speed to any situation.  This wireless gaming mouse is as accurate and fast as a wired gaming mouse. With Ten meters wireless connection, this mouse has enough range for any gaming setup. 

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