Modern Rotating 16 Jar Spice Rack

The 16 Jar Spice Rack is a Modern & Stylish these would look great in any kitchen of contemporary style homes. Great for spices & condiments Easy to clean. It has an intuitively designed, well-established seasoning range, with a product for every seasoning task from the kitchen to the table. The spice Jars set allows you to efficiently combine a core collection of your favourite flavours at the table or in the kitchen in attractive glass jars with twist tops that allow you to precisely pour or shake the contents then seal them. With a spinning base, it is easy to select which one you need

Contemporary Style rotating revolving plastic spice rack with chrome lids glass jar set
Gives your kitchen a modern look
size Available in 16 jars
Made with High-Quality material
Set of 16 spice jars with 1 Rack
100ml capacity in each jar
Size: 6 x 6 x 8.3cm
Bottles/Jars are dishwasher safe
3 colours to choose from - Black, Purple, Lime Green

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