The Shoohouse 2 in 1 Chair Backpack™

Our Chair Bag is the ultimate weekend lounger. It's a spacious backpack and lounge chair in one convenient design. Fill the backpack with all of your essentials and easily carry it on your back. Then, simply pull down the chair when you're ready to sit or rest. 


Super comfortable design  - There is plenty of padding at the back, so you won’t feel the frame of the hidden chair, this padding also serves as a cushion for the chair when folded out.  And if this isn't enough the straps are padded, breathable, and the bag only weighs in at a total 2.4 pounds.


Surprisingly strong chair- It is so comfortable and lightweight you would not expect this sturdy chair to be hiding on the inside, like a Merry Poppins magic suitcase.  Recommended weight not to exceed 198 pounds (90kg).


Perfect for your next adventure - While we would not suggest swimming with it, we can say that it is weatherproof so it will keep your valuables dry should you get caught in a storm. So whether you go camping, fly fishing with the boys or just attending an open-air music concert this bag is a must and a brilliant gift for a best friend, as a constant reminder of how great a friend you are :).


Awesome gift for:

  • Adventurers(Camping, Hiking, Travelling, Sports events etc)

  • Music lovers

  • Fishermen

  • Many More










  • Spacious backpack has a 2.4 gallons (47L) capacity

  • Weather proof material

  • Breathable padded shoulder straps for optimum comfort

  • Easy cleaning leather bottom panel

  • Foldable stool with padded seat

  • Steel stool frame

  • Backpack dimensions: 32cm x 25cm x 47cm

  • Chair dimensions: 24cm x 22cm x 29cm

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