Stove top Toasted Sandwich Maker

Make quick toasties with our fantastic stovetop toastie maker. Made from cast aluminium the toastie maker heats quickly and evenly making it a great breakfast sandwich maker.

A great way to make quick home toasties, simply heat the toastie maker thoroughly on each side on the hob. Prepare a sandwich with whichever flavours you wish, and butter the outside pieces of bread. Place the sandwich inside the hot toastie maker and close the lid, ensuring the catch is closed on the handle. Cook your toastie for 30 seconds on each side to seal, and then continue cooking for around 3 minutes flipping every 30 seconds.

Simply toast sandwiches, wraps, naans & moreover the campfire

Ridged exterior for even heat transfer

Cool touch lockable handles

Strong and durable

Lightweight aluminium

No electricity necessary can be used on all traditional stoves

Not suitable for induction hobs

Small size for easy packing and storage

Perfect for camping or fishing

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