Sun6 UV nail Lamp

This UV Nail Lamp will change your life and save you money!!

The UV LED Lamp Saves your time, money, and effort spent on going to the salon, It works flawlessly, giving you a salon look within a few minutes. The Uv nail lamp is designed for curing and drying all gels in 120 seconds.

In the comfort of your home, listening, or watching whatever your heart desires, you can make your nails with the same salon quality or better.

The UV led nail Lamp is very easy to use, easy to clean, and to manipulate, its Soft light prevents your skin from browning.

Type: Nail Dryer

Sub Type: Nail Lamp

Model: Sun6

Color: White/Pink

Power: 48W

Size: 210mm*160mm*90mm

Adapter input:110-220V 50/60Hz

Plug: UK Plug

Rated output: DC 16V 2.5A

Wave Length: 365nm, 405nm

Number of LED lights: 24

Suitable Type:drying nail UV-glue, builder gule, sculpture gel, gem glue and LED nail gel

Package Included:

1pcs Sun6 Plus Nail Dryer

1pcs User Manual

1pcs Power cord

1)Connect the AC Input Wire.

2)Indicator light up when the power switch on.

3) Touch relevant button to set relevant time.

4)When press 30s,60s button,timer full power operation,Infrared sensor will automatically shut down when timer finish or hands leaving

5)When press the switch button,timer full power operation and not control by Infrared sensor,machine will automatically shut down after 60s  

6)When press 1/2.timer half power operation, and the machine maximun working time is 99s and control by Infrared sensor.

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