TBF Pintail Complete Longboard 46"

A great all-round Pintail Longboard. The TBF is perfect for cruising and free riding, this longboard is designed for a high level of performance and offers durability ideal for both novices and advanced riders. 

Featuring a 46" 7-ply maple deck, this board not only boasts super stability even at high speeds but also suits slower speeds allowing beautifully smooth turns. The deck's streamlined shape makes it ideal for downhill runs, whilst the long 29" wheelbase offers greater control when orchestrating turns at these high speeds.

Whilst the 824 Longboard is an amazing option for those of you looking for a viable mode of transport, its top mount trucks mean that it can also be used to perform some pretty impressive carving tricks, and the pin/kicktail allows for amazing maneuvers, especially around corners.


Board Dimensions: 46" Length x 9" Width
Deck Construction: 7 Ply Canadian / Chinese Maple Deck
Trucks: 7" UB with 85a bushings
Wheels: 70 x 42 mm PU Casted Wheels (88a)
Bearings: ABEC5
Grip Tape: Pattern printed full coverage

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