Wireless WiFi Smart Video Doorbell

This smart doorbell can help you to get rid of the embarrassing situations that you have to respond to the visitors at the door. It can be connected to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi so you can see, hear, talk with your visitors wirelessly at any time and anywhere. This doorbell provides HD quality Image with 166° wide viewing angle and intercom mode with clear two-way audio. It supports IR night vision so that you can also have a clear view at night. PIR motion detection is supported, it can detect any suspicious motion and send alert to your phone immediately. Moreover, this wireless doorbell can consume lower power and standby for a long time. It is easy to install without wires and cables. You are worth it!


Answer the Door From Anywhere:With a great doorbell camera, you can answer the door from anywhere, Get instant alerts when visitors press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. Then use the free "Ubell" app to see, hear and speak to guests from your smartphone.

HD Quality Image With 166° Wide Angle View: This doorbell contains a 1.7mm lens with a 720p image and 166° wide-angle view. You can see clearly who your visitors are from it.

Clear Two-way Audio: The two-way audio is clear with echo removal and noise cancellation technology so that you can talk and hear clearly with your visitors.

2.4GHz Wi-Fi Connection Supported: This doorbell can connect to your home’ s Wi-Fi, it keeps your doorbell always online. Then you can see and talk to your visitor at any time and anywhere making this a great wifi doorbell.

Night Vision Supported: This doorbell supports night vision with IR technology, you can have a clear view no matter at day or night. 24 hours monitoring, you will never miss any visitor which is why this one of the best video doorbell.

PIR Motion Detection: Advanced PIR motion detecting distance is up to 5 meters. Any suspicious motion will be detected and it will send alert to your phone. We offer three adjustable sensitive levels, they are lowered sensitive, moderately sensitive and high sensitive. You can change sensitive levels according to your demands.

Easy Installation: This video doorbell is wireless with no need of cables or lines. What you need to do is to fit the support on the wall with the mounting screws, install the batteries and download the “UBell” APP, then you can begin using it.


Resolution: 1280*720 HD

Field of Angle View: 166°

Storage: 8G / 16G / 32G (TF card is not included)

Battery: Three 18650 batteries, 6800mAh (not included)

Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃

Material: Plastic

Weight: 172g

Package Content:

1x Doorbell

1x Instruction

5x screws


1. During the installation, please ensure that the network is normal in the installation environment, and especially outdoors, please check whether Wi-Fi covers the area.

2. If used in a higher traffic environment, OFF or Lowered Sensitive is suggested in order to reduce the waking up of the equipment and call times, thus prolonging the battery life.

Q: why can’t the doorbell be connected to WIFI?

A:1. Please confirm that the WIFI is under the 2.4GHz protocol.

2. Confirm that the Blue Indicator Light is blinking slowly.

3. Check whether the account name and password are corrected, and whether there are excessive spaces.

Q: What kinds of power supply modes are supported?

A:1. Equipment can work with 18650 battery.

2. Can charge the device via USB, When connected with USB, it will be turned on.

3. Can charge the device via AC/DC.

Q: Does the doorbell support connect with 3G cell phones?

A: No, 3G cell phones are not supported, only 4G cell phones are supported.

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