Wooden Bird feeding station

This pretty and functional birdhouse allows you to feed the birds in your garden or on your balcony and watch you. Putting out a variety of food attracts the largest number of species of birds into the garden, and this feeder gives the opportunity to do it all in one with this bird feeding station.

Made from wood with a hinged roof, it has a seed feeder, nut feeder, suet feeder, bread feeder, a water dish, fruit holder, and hook for hanging another feeder from. The base of the unit has mesh to allow water to drain through, stopping waterlogging, while the whole unit is suspended from a sturdy wire hanging hook.
Measuring 40cm long, it is 27cm high and 20cm wide; the roof opens on hinges so the feeders can be re-filled or removed for cleaning
* 5 Feeder Multi Bird Buffet  * High-quality wood construction * Generous hanging wire hook

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