X3 Bluetooth Wireless PC Controller

Find your perfect setup and gain the edge over your opponents with the X3 Wireless Gamepad. It's like having a Ps4 controller on pc or an Xbox controller for pc. The X3 Gamepad is designed for competitive play, so you can remap the whole controller and even adjust stick sensitivity. And if you're into FPS games, you'll appreciate trigger stops for some quick-firing action. 

Use the wireless mode for everyday gaming - the X3 has a huge battery life, so you won't need to pause to recharge. With a distance meter of 10M, you are always in range of gaming making one of the best controller for pc.

Movement with High Accuracy
With advanced analog sticks, the X3 series controllers provide flawless smooth movement. This comes in handy for continuous maneuvers in vehicles or tracking the enemy with your sights.

Colour: Black
Material: ABS
Battery: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
Applies to: PC
Connection: Wireless receiver connection
Wireless: 2.4G
Wireless distance: 10 meters
Product size: 15.6 * 9.8 * 6cm

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